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~ rescue ~ rehabilitation ~ foster ~ adoption ~ animal welfare ~

~ rescue ~ rehabilitation ~ foster ~ adoption ~ animal welfare ~

Improving the quality of life for all animals by providing community outreach through education, foster, resourcing and rescue.


Improving the quality of life for all animals by providing community outreach through education, foster, resourcing and rescue.


Your support enables us to continue our work.  Your generous donation will fund our mission by buying food, paying for veterinary expenses, TNR work, transportation costs, community outreach and more! 

(We are a 501 (c) 3 tax exempt non profit organization)

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About Us

Mission statement

Han Solo, special needs kitty, sleeping with his Christmas teddy.

 Quality of Life Rehab & Foster is a grass roots effort to increase the quality of life for all animals. We are especially concerned for those susceptible to entering our shelter systems and those abandoned or injured by run-ins with man. We believe it is important to remember that an animal's quality of life must be put before it's quantity of life.

Get Involved

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Are you interested in 

being part of our QoL tribe? 

There are MANY ways in which YOU

can help us with our mission! 

You may not even know how useful you could be, so please do not ignore that inner voice. 

If it is telling you "you can help" ...


Just connect with us and find out how you can use your gift, in life, to help the animals! 

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The backbone of our rescue effort is 

the participation and support of 

fellow animal lovers, like YOU. 

We are able to continue the work we do  because we have a village of

 support behind us.

 Caring Sharing and Sparing!

 We, at QoL, thank you for being a part of EVERY SINGLE case we take!

What We Do

Community Outreach


All too often, rescues suffer burnout from having to say "no" to the countless calls for "owner surrender" and good Samaritan cases. We were no different, until we found a way to leave the door open to helping these animals. Owner foster goes A LONG way to buying an animal more time to be properly rehomed, with our help as adoption coordinator.

We also make a point of being available to the public as a source of knowledge, advise, encouragement, and resources.  

Adoption Program

Beagle Bailey cooling off!

We have many wonderful pets available for adoption. They can be seen by clicking the button, below. This is a nice way to get to know some of the animals we share our life with at QoL. It also gives you an opportunity to meet the pets that are in our adoption program through our community outreach efforts. Each pet has an adoption profile which tells their story, and invites you to help write the ending! 

All animals in our adoption program are spayed/neutered prior to adoption, and up to date on vaccines. We have a "no surprises" policy, and strive to make the best matches possible for both people and pets. 

Adoptable Pets

Rehab & Foster

Bounce has beautiful eyes!

 Our foster program was born in conjunction with the adoption program. We are typically closed to intakes, but with foster homes in place, we are able to extend help to these animals that we, otherwise, could not have.

While QoL does much of our fostering

 "in-house", we have been blessed to have several amazing foster homes on board. We are always open to new foster families, and we want you to know that it is one of the most rewarding ways to give yourself to the cause. 

Surrendering an animal? We invite you to be a part of our adoption program while fostering your own pet. We will assist by way of networking for services and coordinating adoptions.